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Though we love to get your e-mail, for immediate service please call our dispatch number to speak with the driver on duty

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There is so much to see. Don't miss a thing!
Let us pay attention to the road, leaving you free to catch every glorious sight Hawai'i has to offer. Discover Aloha on a custom tour designed to make your island fantasy a reality.

It has to do with integrity, and strength of character. When you call us, you aren't just looking for a ride. You are entrusting your personal safety and the security of your belongings to our care.

We value that trust and strive to be deserving!

It means going all out, all of the time. We listen, and create your unforgettable ride. It can be as simple as getting to work on time, or a fresh lei for a loved one you couldn't greet yourself. We can make all the arrangements.

Or, Get Fancy , fire dancers and live music at a private beach party.

Try star gazing on an air mattress, where every detail is covered, and you can enjoy a perfect lover's escape.

Custom designed tours built around your island fantasy.

Tour favorite hot spots, or indulge with an intimate picnic on a desolate beach.  

No dream is unattainable!

World's  Coolest?

That's quite a statement!


E Komo Mai

Congratulations! You found the World's Coolest Cab. Sit back and enjoy the ride.We are here to help make this vacation the most memorable of your life!!