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Passenger Safety and Security

Uber has been hacked, sensitive customer and driver data have been stolen; Uber spent more on the cover up than they did on increased security.  Both Uber and Lyft drivers engage in vomit fraud (saying that a passenger got sick in the car and charging $150.00 to their credit cards.)

Support Local Businesses

Every Taxi on Hawaii Island is owned by a resident of this island; They are all by definition local businesses.  25-30% of all money collected by Uber and Lyft drivers leaves this island economy to pay executive salaries and cover legal expenses due to bad business practices


Driving for a transportation network is not profitable in the long term for the driver. An idea that started as a way to make a little extra gas money by carpooling on your way to your real job, has morphed into a national network of unemployed people with cars playing amateur cab drivers. It seems profitable at first, until the inevitable vehicle maintenance comes around. Oil changes and tires seem manageable, but larger problems will occur, forcing the drivers to take on debt or find other employment.

Uber and Lyft drivers are not Vetted!

These companies use a cut rate background checking system, NOT the FBI criminal background check used to verify taxi drivers in Hawaii, Taxi Drivers must also have a medical clearance and a clean driving history. Uber/Lyft only require a driver's lisence, no matter how bad the driving history.

Surge Pricing

Taxi rates are always the same; they are set by the County of Hawaii, and haven’t changed in over 10 years.  Uber and Lyft can charge whatever they want, whenever they want (surge pricing) because they are not regulated by any local authorities.  Sometimes, it is $90 to go to the airport from downtown Kailua, sometimes it is $20; subject to change at any moment. A taxi would be about $30 from downtown to the airport…always.

You never know who’s driving you!who’s driving you.org

Since 2013: 95 assaults, 374 sexual assaults and harassments, 16 kidnappings, 50 deaths, 102 documented imposters. The numbers climb daily, and these are just the documented cases. Until very recently, the user agreement most people accept without reading, required riders to accept arbitration for grievances instead of seeking justice in the criminal court system. Many crimes went unreported.

Taxi Insurance is always in effect

When you make an arrangement with your Uber or Lyft driver to run your trip for cash, there is NO insurance coverage.  Uber and Lyft only cover trips arranged through their apps, and only when the driver is on the way to pick up, or is actively carrying passengers.  Personal liability insurance will not cover an illegal commercial carry for cash. Taxi insurance is always active because they pay large annual premiums for commercial liability coverage

Always Reliable...

But Not Always Available

Reservations Are Strongly Encouraged

Almost every Taxi in Kailua is a van.  

This is comparable to an Uber XL, or a Lyft +; there is virtually no difference in rates between taxis or Uber XL  and Lyft+.

Distracted Driving

The dispatch method used for Uber and Lyft encourages distracted driving; Drivers have to touch their phones to start and stop trips; Uber and Lyft send drivers their next potential trip before they have finished the current one fostering more distracted driving and touching their phones while carrying passengers.  This is unsafe and illegal in Hawaii or anywhere else that prohibits use of hand held electronic devices while driving.

Sharing the Tax Burden
Hawaii requires Uber and Lyft drivers to have a General Excise Tax License; most drivers don’t even know what GE tax is, let alone that they are responsible for paying it.  This tax helps pay for local infrastructure…like roads!

Saudi Arabia owns 17.5% of Uber,

They have seats on the board of directors.  A government that has murdered a journalist in cold blood, that denies human rights to any who defy them, is helping to direct operations at Uber.

Uber and Lyft are parasites

Feeding on the dollars from customers and the resources of the driver; they have destroyed economies all around the globe, meanwhile giving back nothing. They overwhelm local infrastructure, clogging local roadways with an ever growing number of vehicles. not caring if the new hires take food from the mouths of established drivers.

Since it does not benefit Uber or Lyft to regulate the number of drivers on the road, they continue to agressively hire drivers when the local need does not require them. Around the world, taxi, shuttle, and bus numbers are limited to the Public Necessity and Convenience  as determined by local Mass Transit Authorities.

In addition to not providing a living wage for drivers and increasing traffic congestion, studies have shown a rise in national traffic fatalities since the start of Uber and similar transportation network companies.